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​​​​Helen Taylor

I qualified as a Registered Midwife in October 1994 and graduated with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Midwifery. I worked solely for the NHS for the first 15 years and gained valuable experience in all aspects of midwifery care, including homebirths and waterbirths, in both the hospital as well as the community setting. Additionally I worked as a Research Officer on a large piece of research called "Birthplace", which looked at where women deliver, and how that can affect outcomes for mother and baby.Pip midwife care.jpg

After 10 years of practising as a midwife, I became frustrated by the cost cutting exercises of the NHS and began to consider launching my own Independent Midwifery Practice, as I wanted to offer women/expectant couples access to "personal midwifery" support.

And so in 2009 "Midwife Care" was born and what a thoroughly professionally rewarding experience it has proved to be! It has re-ignited my passion for midwifery and I very much enjoy my work, offering women bespoke care to meet their own needs and wishes.

I am a conscientious midwife and keep myself up to date in all areas of practice, and always provide evidence based care.

With 23 years working within midwifery care I believe your pregnancy will be enhanced by the services offered.​

I am married with 3 children and consider myself to have practical parenting skills and knowledge.