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Antenatal Care

"this was a real revelation to me...instead of 10 minutes with my local NHS midwife, rushed and over busy with her antenatal clinic.....Midwife Care attends at home and provides a delightful one whole hour (or more if you want it) to carry out the routine pregnancy check up, as well as go through any concerns I may have had at the time....so good! Highly recommended!"

  • Full midwifery check up (including listening to your baby's (fetal) heartbeat with a sonicaid)

  • Provision of midwifery care, support and information specific to the stage of your pregnancy

  • Discussion of health issues, such as diet, exercise, etc

  • Antenatal preparation regarding birth options, labour preparation, parenting skills and infant feeding

  • Discussion regarding the screening and diagnostics tests available, as well as ensuring that you are fully informed regarding the results.

  • Opportunity to discuss any pregnancy related concerns

  • Discuss previous pregnancies and how they may affect your current pregnancy and delivery

  • If full antenatal package, appointments monthly until 28 weeks, then fortnightly until 36 weeks, then weekly until delivered.

Referral would be made directly to your NHS care provider if there were any concerns regarding your Antenatal wellbeing.  

Please see fee's page for details

"Seeing Midwife Care on a regular basis in my pregnancy made me less anxious.  I really enjoyed the one to one aspect of midwifery, with un-rushed appointments.  I also liked the continuity of care and developing a relationship with my midwife, as well as telephone access to my midwife for any concerns I had in between appointments." J.S
"It was great that Midwife Care offers support "out of hours" by text, email or telephone.  We used this option only once but it felt good to know that we could call and ask/ seek reassurance that all was well,if necessary, and that makes situations less stressful, as advice is only a phone call away!"       B & S
"The antenatal appointments were great, never rushed and so convenient for us, as Helen comes to the house and the times/dates were flexible around our schedule."                              P.L
  "Helen's antenatal appointments were full of professional advice and support, particularily at different times of the pregnancy, when we really needed it, knowing we could ask any questions, no matter how silly they seemed"                             S.B  ​