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Feb 24
Colic and reflux


This  is good article, offering common sense advice re colic and reflux. Acknowledgin , as it should, that if your baby is affected byt colic or reflux, the challnges it can make to early parenthood.

Feb 24
Maternity Services review 2016

​So yesterday the Maternity Services review was published.

"Maternity services in England must become safer, more personalised, kinder, professional and more family-friendly."

That’s the vision of the which  publishes its recommendations for how services should change over the next five years.

The NHS England commissioned review – led by independent experts and chaired by Baroness Julia Cumberlege – sets out wide-ranging proposals designed to make care safer and give women greater control and more choices.​ 

Click the link for more details: Maternity Review​

Jan 25
New discovery re wonders of breast milk!

​Scientists have discovered a new antibiotic from human breast milk....click link below to read.

We know so much about the benefits of breast feeding to mother and baby, but yet more is being discovered!​​


Dec 10
Heartfelt article

Mothering without my mother at Christmas​

Click here to read the article​

Polly and Daughter Lalage aged two dress their Christmas tree in their home in Copenhagen

Sep 01
Client feedback for my labour support service!


Apr 23
Delayed Cord Clamping

Midwife Amanda Burleigh has championed and contributed to massive changes to maternity protocol for delayed cord clamping. 
I recently was privileged to attend a study session where she presented her case. I was thoroughly fascinated and gripped by her presentation.
Having been a midwife myself for 20 years, what Amanda Burleigh was suggesting was quite a scientific turn around from what I had been taught, as well as what was considered the norm in intrapartum care...most umbilical cords cut and clamped quickly post birth.
Just goes to show.... in life.....just because something has always been done that way, does not mean that it is necessarily the optimal way! 
I really admire the determination of this midwife!


Feb 20
Client choices...facilitated through using part funding by NHS

Patients should be able to go private by topping up NHS funds

The above articel is interesting....

For several years I have thought that this would be such an ideal opportunity for "choice"...what ever the health services/provisions that a tax paying patient may require at that point in time

As an Independent Midwife I try to help clients to get the best from their chosen NHS maternity service....however, it would be utterly fantastic if my clients could use their "allocated" NHS maternity fund, to part fund their choice to use the midwifery services I offer as an Independent Midwife, as an alternative to the NHS.

You never know...it may come about one day!​

Jan 26
This is an interesting articel - How many children is the perfect number?
Jan 26
Breastfeeding handy hints

​This  is really helpful advice!

click on this link!​

Dec 31
Postnatal care


This is not new news!​ Postnatal care has had many cuts in the last few years. It is a huge shame, as so often women go home and feel unsupported.

Midwife Care offer's postnatal packages that are designed to support new parents and their newborn, in personal and bespoke way, according to wishes and needs.

One off postnatal appts through to full packages, with daily support visits for at least the first 5 days usually!

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