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Early Pregnancy support and advice appointment - 

Midwife Care offers an appointment aimed at providing midwifery support and advice for early pregnancy.  Similar style to antenatal classes, but intended for those who are early pregnant - approximately 5 - 12 weeks pregnant.
This appointment will cover topics such as:
  • healthy eating and lifestyle for pregnancy

  • screening tests in early pregnancy

  • common occurrences in early pregnancy and advice on how to cope with them

  • advice on scans in early pregnancy

  • advice on booking and the choice's available for accessing your local NHS maternity services

  • general advice on planning ahead for pregnancy

  • What to expect in early pregnancy

Appointment last's 1 hour and is held at your home address
Opportunity to chat to friendly midwife and ask questions etc!

Relaxed and informative.


£130 per hour Mon - Friday daytime; £150 per hour Saturdays or evenings

Please call or email Midwife Care to arrange your early pregnancy appointment.​