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Support in labour

I have made a carefully planned professional decision NOT to offer delivery  as part of the midwifery services that I offer my clients. 

However, many of my clients request that they would like me to attend with them for their labour and delivery as a facilitation of the continuation of the continuity of care that I offer.

As part of the labour support service, I can attend to support you in the early stages at home, prior to admission to your chosen NHS Hospital, NHS Birth Centre  or prior to NHS midwives coming for a home birth.

Whilst at home in the early stages of labour, I provide a full midwife check up, including assessment of cervical dilatation if clinically appropriate. 

Once in established labour, then, Midwife Care can attend with you and your husband/partner and offer continuity, support, and encouragement  during your labour and delivery .....but not provide the actual hands on midwifery care. The responsibility for your delivery rests with your chosen NHS care provider. 

So I attend in a "non clinical capacity" role. I don't call myself a "doula" for obvious reasons. 

I can very much focus on your need's as a woman/couple in labour and delivery. 

"Having used Helen Taylor Independent Midwife for my antenatal care in my pregnancy, it was wonderful to have her support us at home in early labour. I was one week over due, and Helen had performed a membrane sweep to encourage labour in a morning midwifery appointment.  I started contracting soon after lunch, and we called Helen for support when  the going got tough!  It was so reassuring to see her, and we both so appreciated her support in early labour at home. She definitely helped me remain at home for longer, as we felt calm and more relaxed, When we went into the local midwifery led birth unit I was already 5cm dilated and was able to get into the birthing pool.  I delivered 2 hours later, which was fantastic for my first labour!
Having Helen's support at home was invaluable.
We so appreicated her postnatal support too.  Thank you Helen!"                                                                      JS

"Thank you so much for all your support Helen - not just on the night of my delivery, but over the 4 days that led up to it (induction of labour took a long while!). It was invaluable - we are so pleased that we found you!                               AK
"From the very start, Helen explained very clearly the service  she could/could not provide for labour support. The more we got to know Helen, the more we knew the importance of having her there with us during the labour.
We both so valued the calls and messages of reassurance in the crucial days before labour finally started.
Helen is so professional and her experience is very reassuring.

One of the things which concerned us was taking our "own midwife" with us for support in labour into the NHS unit. We needn't have worried though - Helen was amazing and she has a fine ability to collaborate and communicate with the NHS midwives and staff, in a very open and relaxed manner.
She gave us both really helpful advice and guidance, both emotionally and physically thorough out my labour.

From the husband....I believe we had a smooth journey of pregnancy, labour and through to postnatal as new parents, due to Helen and the wealth of her experience! "      YZ