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Why Independent Midwifery Care?

Over the last few years, the number of Antenatal and Postnatal appointments for NHS booked women has been markedly reduced.  In addition, clinics are often very busy and the one-to-one time spent between a midwife and pregnant/postnatal lady is frequently time limiting.

Midwife Care offers women the opportunity to access additional Antenatal and Postnatal midwifery care to supplement their NHS care. I believe that women can enjoy the benefits of my services as an Independent Midwife, whilst you as the woman, still make use of your local NHS service.  By choosing Midwife Care, you do not opt out of the NHS.  As an Independent Midwife,  I have the same referral rights as an NHS midwife and am able to arrange a Consultant appointment or hospital admission if required.  All your pregnancy and postnatal sceening blood tests and scans can be accessed through the NHS. 

I have Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for all areas of my work as an Independent Midwife.


Company history


Midwife Care was launched in December 2009 and has provided personal midwifery support to many women and their partners/families since then.  Midwife Care prides itself on offering bespoke care to meet your individual needs. Please do contact us to discuss how we can enhance your pregnancy & postnatal care. ​